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Beginning out of a NY basement armed with a dream, 2 laptops, and a love of everything reel related, two college guys decided it was only right to take their passion of cinema share it with everyone. This site was founded with one thing in mind, to bring hot and fresh movie news and reviews to the people of the world.

Alessandro, aka Alex, has an irresistible attraction to foreign films which he wants to share with the world. He will be delivering the goods on the under exposed films that the world has to offer and will convince those subtitle skeptics that these films are worth watching.

Brandon, on the other hand, is lured towards the creative works of horror and those truly random films that only an avid watcher would ever even notice. With a keen and watchful eye, Brandon will be sharing his insight into the world of living dead, and the laughter of the utterly random.

With additional enthusiasm both guys will be reporting on industry news, random topics of interest, and delivering the essentials of Reel Life.

The Team

Alex: Founder / Editor – @ruggermandigi

Brandon Kruter: Founder / The IT Guy

Alissa LeClair: News Writer 

Chris McKittrick: Assistant Editor- @ChrisMckit

Graham Malin: Movie Reviews/Interviews/News – @TexasTechWrekem

Kevin Brotman: Editorials/Reviews

Brett Edward Stout: Movie Reviews

David Shear: Movie Reviews/News

Matthew Neugeboren: Documentary News and Reviews

Tom Hunt: New and Movie Reviews

Kris Anger: Movie Reviews – @knew573

Zoe De Pasquale: Editorials – @depask

Dan Berlin: Editorials/Reviews

Casey Chong: Asian Film Contributor 

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