Full Lineup for Fantasia Film Festival Has Been Announced!

Full Lineup for Fantasia Film Festival Has Been Announced!
By Alex DiGiovanna

Fantasia festival 2012 234x300 Full Lineup for Fantasia Film Festival Has Been Announced!In exactly a week I will be up in Montreal covering the first five days of North America’s largest genre film festival, the Fantasia International Film Festival.  Now that we are so close to opening night, the festival has finally announced its full lineup of features along with all the guests that will be on hand supporting their films.

There are a lot of Asian films that I have seen already and am still writing reviews for them thanks to the NYAFF, Japan Cuts 2012 and the Tribeca Film Festival from earlier this year, but there are also a ton I haven’t seen and a lot of cool and obscure films that look really cool and that I”m looking forward to covering.  Expect to see some reviews for some wild features from people I’ve never heard of along with reviews of films from well respected and/or fun filmmakers like Takashi Miike, Quentin Dupieux and Prachya Pinkaew.

In addition to the fest, there are a lot of cool panels, a heavy metal based LARP event, master classes with filmmakers and a ton more.  So if you plan on being in the Montreal area starting next Thursday or at any point over the 22 day period of the festival I’d suggest making your way over to the theaters and try and catch a flick.,

You can check out the 160+ film lineup at the Fantasia website