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Chris McKittrick

Chris McKittrick is the Assistant Editor of Movie Buzzers

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    “I’m not sure why writer/director Michael J. Bassett, who is obviously a big enough fan of the character to pull him out of relative obscurity, would decide to take the film in this direction.”

    This is because Wandering Star, not Bassett, was the prime mover in getting a Solomon Kane film made: they’d been trying since the late the ’90s. Bassett only came on the scene in 2007, and he was partially responsible for the very idea of an origin story, which he was then asked to write.

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      Chris McKittrick


      Thank you for filling me in on that detail! I can definitely see the “origin” angle as a studio-dictated approach, since it seems like studios are so obsessed with the idea of making origin films when a character like Solomon Kan probably works so much better as a character with a shadowy past. I’ll amend the review to make sure to point out that Bassett isn’t the reason the movie is an origin story. Thanks again!


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