Anti-Christ is NOT for the Faint of Heart (Review 1)

Anti-Christ is NOT for the Faint of Heart (Review 1)
By Alex DiGiovanna

anticrist m Anti Christ is NOT for the Faint of Heart (Review 1)
THIS MOVIE IS F*CKED UP. Within the first 10 seconds you are thrown into a dark and complex world of director Lars von Trier’s depressed mind. This movie packs a powerful punch on many levels and will remain with you the rest of your life. This movie was so crazy I found it difficult to keep my eyes fixed on the screen for the entire movie. If the first hour doesn’t do anything for you, I promise the last 40 minutes will be one hell of a ride. Be forewarned, though, you are in for an entirely new movie experience.

I find it hard to believe that I’m saying this, but Anti-Christ is actually a good movie regardless of the torture you may go through watching it. I didn’t realize it until the end of the movie, but there are only two people on screen during the entire duration except for the first 5 minutes. Both Willem DaFoe (Spiderman, American Psycho) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (I’m Not There, 21 Grams) did exceptional jobs in their roles. The cinematography was excellent. Some brilliant work done with the camera made parts of this movie beautiful to watch.

The premise of the story is that Willem Dafoe, a psychologist, wants to treat his wife who is suffering from severe depression. The cause of this depression is the death of her son, who died right in front of her eyes. The grieving couple retreat to their cabin in the woods, hoping a return to Eden will repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse( What we soon find out is that “nature is Satan’s church” and Eden is more demonic then expected.
Lars Von Trier plays mind games with you and touches on some deeper issues, which are, at points, difficult to grasp because you’re too distracted with the well crafted dialogue and dirty sex. He clearly had a mission, and appeasing the audience wasn’t one of them. I would say that the last 40 minutes of this movie could potentially spread almost to the point of notoriety of the famous 2 girls, one cup video, but maybe I’m getting carried away. The movie progresses slowly, but somehow captures and freezes you, keeping you guessing at the symbolism, questioning the demonic presence as well as the point of the “Three Beggars” and the purpose of splitting the film up into chapters called “Grief, Pain, Despair,” and “The Three Beggars.”
This is a really artsy film that most people won’t want to watch, but it is crazy enough that some may give it a shot…(spoiler) at least until the scene where she crushes his balls with a piece of wood “(Oh, did I say that?)” and makes you thank God that you still have your manhood.
Rating: The most intense and beautiful horror drama you’ll ever see