‘Hit Somebody’ News spilled during ‘Kevin Smith: Live from Behind’

‘Hit Somebody’ News spilled during ‘Kevin Smith: Live from Behind’
By Graham Malin

Kevin Smith Live From Behind 205x300 Hit Somebody News spilled during Kevin Smith: Live from BehindTonight was the live Fathom event Kevin Smith:Live from Behind. which featured Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes live in Ontario, Canada. The first part of the three hour session was the duo doing their Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Podcast and the second half involved a Q&A from fans in the audience and also via twitter.

The first part was pretty entertaining and was a great treat for fans of the podcast. During the time the two discussed funny stories involving their pets and a ton of penis jokes. As entertaining as the podcast was, I was there more as a journalist then a fan even though I love Kevin Smith and could listen to him talk for days. I was ready for the Q&A hoping we could get something about his final film Hit Somebody and his future after films.

Since we were’t allowed to have recording devices, I’m going to have to do this in bullet style as I was trying to keep up with everything he was saying about Hit Somebody.

  • Production of the film should begin around June or July
  • Smith has written about 150 pages of the script and is shooting for about 180-200 pages before he begins editing it down to about 150 pages for the final draft.
  • Looking at a 15-20 million dollar budget for the film.
  • Since film will be a bigger budget, he won’t be able to tour with the film like he did with Red State, however he plans of touring through Canada and screening the film in different Hockey arenas  by either projecting the film on the ice or screens in the middle of the rink.
  • Film won’t debut at Sundance next year, plans on debuting during the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in the Midnight Screening slot.
  • The film takes place from 1950-1980 and will follow the main character’s life and growing up with and around Hockey in Canada.
  • Will not be a comedy, Smith described it as being Field of Dreams but with hockey and hopes that the audience will be crying from the beginning of the film till the end.
  • Plans on exploring the unknown history and traditions of hockey in Canada

We learned quite a bit about the film which was very exciting since very little is currently known about it. He did reiterate that the film will not be two films and that he has decided to just do one final kick ass film.

He also discussed about other projects he and Mewes are working on. He gave Jason a unfinished project and Jason took it and began developing his own sort of film which will debut at the Toronto Film Festival this year called Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Part of the film will be a cartoon and the other will be Smith and Mewes playing the characters in their superhero outfits which I am assuming will be Bluntman and Chronic.

The Q&A was defiantly something else. A fan asked them to do the rap from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and they couldn’t remember the words to it, which was pretty funny.  Also Smith talked a bit about his new TV series Comic Book Men which air on AMC this month. He talked a lot about Red State and how he could’t do the ending he wanted because it would cost too much.The show wrapped up with Jason Mewes playing a game from their Podcast called, “Let’s F@#$” with an audience member which was pretty entertaining.

All in all the event was a success and we learned a great deal about Hit Somebody. I was really shocked with how many people just wanted to give them free stuff, one guy drew them on the canadian flag, another gave them hand painted pint glasses of themselves, heck one woman even gave Smith a Save the Date and asked if he would come to their wedding in October. Very Strange! And people just an FYI, if you ever get the opportunity to ask a question to someone famous, please don’t start the question off with how big of a fan you are. It just makes for an awkward moment and throws you off your question, just lead with your question and they will appreciate it more.