Movie Review: Make Sure You See ‘Griff the Invisible’

Movie Review: Make Sure You See ‘Griff the Invisible’
By Melissa Hanson

GrifftheInvisibleposter Movie Review: Make Sure You See ‘Griff the Invisible’

Most superhero movies are non-stop action and big explosions. In Griff the Invisible, writer/director Leon Ford shows another side of the story, a love story.

Official synopsis:

Griff (Ryan Kwanten, HBO’s True Blood), a shy and awkward office worker by day, finds escape from his ordinary life by assuming the identity of a fantastic superhero each night. Griff’s secret is jeopardized when he meets Melody (Maeve Dermody), a cute but unconventional daydreamer. She quickly becomes fascinated by his idiosyncrasies, which are equal only to her own. In the face of mounting pressure to live in the “real world,” it’s up to Melody to rescue Griff the Invisible for the sake of herself, Griff and their new found love for each other.

Watching it unfold, I really thought I knew what was going to happen, but was surprised several times. I especially liked Melody’s storyline and found her character to be very unlike other women in typical superhero movies. Maeve Dermody’s performance is clumsy and serious, which makes for a very interesting character.

Ryan Kwanten as Griff brings an innocence that you see in his performance in HBO’s True Bloodas Jason Stackhouse. However, unlike Jason, Griff is introverted and socially awkward. Kwanten’s performance is very thoughtful and sweet. I’m so glad to see that he’s able to play different characters, but still bring his own

Griff.MR 328 300x199 Movie Review: Make Sure You See ‘Griff the Invisible’

RYAN KWANTEN as Griff in GRIFF THE INVISIBLE, Indomina Releasing’s romantic comedy about a shy office worker who assuming the identity of a fantastic superhero, directed by Leon Ford, opening August 19th in select cities

perspective. I also enjoyed him in Red Hill, which he played a young cop on his first day in a small country town.

The film is beautifully shot and plays off the colors of Griff’s superhero costume, yellow and black. Each scene mimics one of a comic book with solid and bold colors. There are mostly wide shots showing the entire room and very little close-ups. This really gives a feeling of voyeurism and how Griff feels separated from the world. It’s only when he starts interacting with Melody that the camera starts to focus in to see Griff’s face as well as the other characters.

I also enjoyed the soundtrack by Kids at Risk. The score and the songs were very well integrated and matched the tone of the film and enhanced it. Reminds me kind of what Devotchka did for Little Miss Sunshine.

The story drags on a bit but gives you surprises along the way to keep you going. I didn’t really think I liked at first, but by the end, I was totally hooked.

Rating: Slow to get going, but a very sweet story. 7/10