First Batch of Studios Confirmed for SDCC’12 and Guess Who Made the Cut?

First Batch of Studios Confirmed for SDCC’12 and Guess Who Made the Cut?
By Graham Malin

SDCC First Batch of Studios Confirmed for SDCC12 and Guess Who Made the Cut?We knew information was bound to leak sooner or later about the films that would be making an appearance at this years San Diego Comic Con, and that day is now.

Variety just reported that most of the major studios have made their decisions on their presence at the Con and in particular Hall H. While most of my projections were correct, there are a few major films that could be missing the Con all together according to the story.

I’ll basically sum up what Variety posted but for a much more detailed look, head on over to Variety

Who’s Coming:

Marvel and Disney: It’s highly expected that they will bring Iron Man 3 like they have with the prior two. Also look for Wreck-It Ralph, Oz: The Great and Powerful and potentially The Lone Ranger. No dates or times have been released for Marvel or Disney.

Warner Bros.: Go ahead and kiss away your Saturday because WB has reserved a 3-hour block for Hall H that day. Films that have been confirmed so far are The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Man of Steel. Two huge films that really shouldn’t shock many that they will be having a panel at the Con. Still no signs that The Dark Knight Rises will make an appearance during SDCC but hey they do have a 3-hour block and that’s only two films confirmed.

Legendary Pictures: This hasn’t been confirmed but a source told Variety that they would be teaming with WB and showing a preview of Pacific Rim, directed by my favorite person to listen to, Guillermo del Toro. The studio has not confirmed this however I would bet money Guillermo shows up and has something to show and say.

Sony: There have been no plans confirmed thus far for the films that will be attending, but expect Total Recall since it hits theaters on August 3rd. Other potentials could be: Premium Rush (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Here Comes the Boom (Kevin James) and After Earth (Will Smith)

Lionsgate-Summit:  Get the sleeping bags ready Twihearts because Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt.2 will be at Hall H yet again. For the more normal people, Sylvester Stallone and crew will be in Hall H once again for The Expendables 2. Bring on the Chuck Norris Jokes

Who Might Be Coming:

Universal: There is still no word if Universal will have a panel this year or not. If they do decide to, we could expect to see stuff from R.I.P.D, which would hit theaters June 2013, The Bourne Legacy and 47 Ronin. While Universal might seem a bit light this year, I wouldn’t rule them out just yet.

Who Won’t Be at SDCC’12:

Fox: It seems as if Fox will be focusing more on the TV side of things this year and forgoing the film aspect of the company. With Fox skipping the film side of things, we can cross off Taken 2, Life of Pi, A Good Day to Die Hard and The Watch

Paramount: Probably the biggest shocker out of all the studios, however, they could change there mind. As of right now Paramount will not be in Hall H this year which means No Star Trek 2, World War Z, G.I. Joe: Retaliation,Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters or Jack Reacher. A few things could happen though, one Paramount just decided to let Star Trek 2 have a panel and bring along no other films, or they could bring ST2, G.I. Joe and Hansel & Gretel but leave WWZ at home since there are so many issues with the film right now. Or they could just skip it all together just as they are claiming.

Relativity Media: I was surprised last year when they showed up with so many films, and a bit more surprised that they don’t have anything to bring to SDCC this year. Oh well!

I do want to mention that we are seeing a change at SDCC that really started last year, more and more films are skipping the Con and instead TV is gradually taking over. This year it is expected that Game of Thrones, True Blood and The Walking Dead will all be in Hall H this year. Not to mention Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory and a few others have already been scheduled for Hall H. Times are changing people, TV is gradually taking over SDCC!