Breaking News: Meet the Heros that will make up, ‘Justice League’

Breaking News: Meet the Heros that will make up, ‘Justice League’
By Graham Malin

justice league Breaking News: Meet the Heros that will make up, Justice League

This week has been full of breaking Marvel news and rumors so it’s time we switch over to the competitors with some breaking DC news. While there is still no director attached to the film and the script is being finalized, we now know which heros will be in DC’s  Justice League film.

Once again the guys over at Latino Review broke the exclusive news just moments ago and the choice in heroes shouldn’t be that shocking. According to the site, there will be five core members of the group with the possibilities of cameos from a few of the less popular heros. So without further adu, here are the five core members of the Justice League.

JUSTICE LEAGUE2 610x392 Breaking News: Meet the Heros that will make up, Justice League

As I said, this really comes as no surprise and these five were always in my mind and were going to be the heroes in the film. Yes, I know people are upset that Aquaman and Martian Manhunter are missing from the team, however unless they wanted to make the movie 4+ hours long, there is just no way you can include seven heroes, four of which have never seen the big screen and will need back stories.  Since three out of the five have been introduced to the public with stand alone films already, it should make things easier with explaining Wonder Woman and The Flash’s back story.

Now the biggest question becomes, who will play these characters? Well, we know that Henry Cavill will dawn the red cape in Man of Steel this Summer so he is the obvious choice to play Superman once again, since WB has said Man of Steel will kick the Justice League off. We all know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been mentioned numerous times as taking over as Batman, but this is still a potential long shot. Unless we get casting announcements soon, the best clue would be if we see JGL in Man of Steel. Now the other three are anyone’s guess. Yes, Ryan Reynolds played Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern a few years back, however it wouldn’t be shocking if they decide to go with a new person for the role, since the film was torn apart by both the press and movie goers.

I did mention cameos for a few heroes in the film so this would be our best bet in seeing Martain Manhunter and Aquaman. Two characters that aren’t as wildly popular as the other five and would be difficult to fit into the first film. Latino Review did bring up an interesting point, if Darkseid is the villain, then Martain Manhunter would be a great fit for helping the team out or providing some insight into the villain later in the film.

It will be an interesting couple of months for this film to see who they decide on for a director and to possibly start seeing some roles filled. Not to mention the backlash from the DC fans and how they respond to the announcement of the core members. I think for the most part people will be pleased and the males will be anxious/excited to see who will be Wonder Woman.