Get a Free ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ IMAX/Mondo Poster at the Midnight Screenings Tonight!


If you have always wanted a Mondo poster but never been one of the lucky ones to be able to purchase one through their website or booth at a convention, now is your best chance.

Mondo tweeted last night that everyone who attends the Midnight screening for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man in IMAX, will receive an exclusive IMAX partnered poster.

The poster was done by artist Laurent Durieux and looks fantastic. Normally a Mondo poster can go for anywhere between $40-$110 (before it hits the secondary market) and with this offer, you can get one for the price of an IMAX ticket. I’m assuming since this is a nationwide event these posters wont be signed or numbered, but it’s still a sweet deal.

Check out the poster below and head to the IMAX website to purchase your tickets.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters July 3rd.durieuxspidey blog 610x872 Get a Free The Amazing Spider Man IMAX/Mondo Poster at the Midnight Screenings Tonight!


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