Keep’Em Coming! Three New ‘The Dark Knight’ Rises Posters


Whether you love them or hate them, Warner Bros. has been putting out a ton of The Dark Knight Rises poster for months now. It seems that we can’t go a week without getting a new character poster, teaser poster or banner, so why stop now. Today we not only get a new IMAX poster but we also get a new banner and teaser poster.

The first poster is the new IMAX one and probably the worst one of the three. I’m not really sure what they were going for in this one but it looks like Batman is standing on a piece of ground surrounded by lava, but that can’t be right. I’m assuming its a play on “The Fire Will Rise” marketing ploy.

Dark Knight Rises IMAX KeepEm Coming! Three New The Dark Knight Rises Posters

The next is a viral poster that was a reward to people following along and probably my favorite out of the three. This would be a very nice poster to add to a collection but sadly they probably will never produce a physical copy.

The Fire Rises Viral Poster KeepEm Coming! Three New The Dark Knight Rises Posters

The final one is a UK teaser poster that was released over in the US previously but now they have turned it into a banner.

Dark Knight Rises Bane Sewer Poster 610x372 KeepEm Coming! Three New The Dark Knight Rises Posters

All in all this is a nice collection of poster released, much better then some of the character ones and other one sheets. Will this be the last batch before the film hits theaters on July 20th? Probably, but you never know!

These poster were released by Coming Soon, First Showing and ScreenCrush.

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