Poseidon Rex Might be the Best/Worst Monster Hybrid Yet


Now, Ive never actually taken the time out of my life to sit down and watch one of those crazy Roger Corman-like SyFy channel hybrid animal/monster movies, but I may have just found the film to break that dry spell.  It’s a little film called Poseidon Rex.

At the moment nobody knows anything about the film as it is getting ready to be shopped a the upcoming American Film Market but do you really need a synopsis when you’ve got an amazing sales poster like the one below?  You’ve got yourself a Loch Ness Monster on steroids with three bikini clad chicks running from the carnivorous beast with explosions and lightning bolts added for good measure.  Tell me, besides the chicks being naked what more do you need?

For fans of aweomely terrible films, this one’s for you!

POSEIDON REX Poseidon Rex Might be the Best/Worst Monster Hybrid Yet

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Alex DiGiovanna

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  • drakke125

    sounds like the review of someone who never saw the movie. honestly it wasn’t even that bad. its a bad movie, but better than a shit ton of others.

    • booya

      you’re right, looks like he didn’t but that’s cause this post is about the film being made, wasn’t released at the time of the post yet.