‘The Expendables 2′ Official Poster Reavels the Most Powerful Image EVER.


Oh man.  How much would you suspect this poster would be worth if it were signed by everybody?

No more bullshitting over who is or who isn’t in the cast of one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels ever: JoBlo has our first glimpse at The Expendables 2 poster (and the poster isn’t even finished — check out the stand-in gibberish at the bottom), and it might be one of my all time favorite film posters already.  In fact, where can I order this thing?  Check out the big version below:

expend2 poster 1 The Expendables 2 Official Poster Reavels the Most Powerful Image EVER.

Is Stallone making a movie or a team that could win every war?  Note that Chuck Norris is in the center.  Even when Chuck Norris isn’t the main star of a movie he takes center stage.

The Expendables 2 is set for release in August 2012.  Too bad we have to wait — I’m ready to see it NOW.

Chris McKittrick

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