‘Transformers 4′ gets a Promo Poster Already?

‘Transformers 4′ gets a Promo Poster Already?
By Graham Malin

Transformers 4 isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until 2014, but that hasn’t stopped Paramount from reminding you that there will be one more. Last night, a promo poster was released for the forth and final film which will bring Michael Bay back to the franchise that has made over a billion dollars worldwide.

Joblo (via Cine1) posted the poster and stated that this was the first promo piece for the film. While there is still the question as to who from the original three will return, we also have no idea where the story will go or if it will even continue on Earth. What we do know is that there will be Autobots and a lot of explosions with Bay returning for one last hurrah.

For some reason I feel the poster is a rip off of the “Fire Will Rise” poster for The Dark Knight Rises. Oh well. Check out the Promo below and leave your thoughts about it in the comments section.

transformers 4 promo sm Transformers 4 gets a Promo Poster Already?