Top 10 Most Entertaining Movies of 2010

Top 10 Most Entertaining Movies of 2010
By Alex DiGiovanna

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2010 may have been a rough year for film but it also was a year chock full of some wildly entertaining pieces of cinema. By entertaining I mean a film that can make you smile, laugh, excite and have you leave a theater on a feel good high. It doesn’t have to be the best film ever, the plot can suck for all I care but if it made you leave with a sense of enjoyment then you know this film was for you. After the jump you will find a list, of what I believe to be, the Top 10 most entertaining films of 2010. Hit the jump to find out which films made the cut.


As a disclaimer, this list is obviously subjective and not a definitive source but it is a compilation of what I believe to be the most entertaining films of 2010. The list is meant to be debated and hopefully will give you an idea of the types of films that I enjoy. FYI: It also just happens to be a coincidence that many of this year’s films are adaptations in some way shape or form. Enjoy the list and let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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10. Micmacs

It is rare that you find an R rated crime based comedy that has both a beautiful vision and a genuine comedic feel to it, but luckily I was able to find all that with Micmacs. The film has a quirky story involving a broken man who decides to take down two large weapons manufacturers and as the plan develops and unfolds we witness a ton of relatively clean comedy, steering clear of the raunchy that so many of us are accustomed to. Let me also mention that this film is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the man behind great films like Amelie and The City of Lost Children, with Danny Boon as the lead. Micmacs is pure Buster Keaton style entertainment that could be viewable by all despite its R rating. Let’s just say I really enjoyed it.


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9. Get Him to the Greek


If there were two things to learn from P. Diddy after watching this movie it’s that you’ll be Mindf*cked after smoking a Jeffrey. Get Him to the Greek was the raunchy comedy of the year that brought Aldous Snow back to the big screen. Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, and P. Diddy were hysterical in this film and even more so when they were all on screen together. The official raunchy comedy of 2010 delivered exactly what everyone expected, a ton of wild humor, but its lack of ingenuity is why it sits in the number nine spot.


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8. Middle Men


This was one of my favorite movies of the summer. In between the cracks of summer blockbusters one has to step back and take a breather. This was that breather. Starring Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi comes the film, Middle Men, a very funny, sexy, and witty crime dramedy about the birth of the online porn industry. Unfortunately, because of its limited release, it seemed to go unnoticed by most but I promise this movie was a bundle of fun that wasn’t just T&A based. In a year where a lot of crap came out, some small and very entertaining diamonds also emerged and this was one of those diamonds.


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7. Toy Story 3


Witty, charming, rather adult in some respects, and quite humorous, Toy Story 3 has it all. The film that has brought closure to one of the most beloved characters of my generation, is also one of this year’s most entertaining films. While maintaining certain levels of suspense and adventure, this film manages to grab at every emotion you can think of, almost like the first 10 minutes of UP without the ***spoiler***death. The reason it isn’t number one is because I thought the films below were just a lot more fun, the key characteristic of entertaining films, or maybe it’s the mindlessness of it all.


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6. Iron Man 2


Robert Downey Jr. is probably the most charismatic man in Hollywood today and it his dominating presence on screen that makes Tony Stark and Iron Man 2 such a fun film to watch. Even if it may not be as good as its predecessor it is still one hell of a joy ride. Favreau didn’t fail with this sequel, he did what everyone wanted, he made everything bigger and brought in some great talent to accomplish that task. While Mickey Rourke was solid, it was Sam Rockwell’s strong performance that really helped balance Stark’s personality. With large scale battles, witty dialogue, and a fun attitude, Iron Man 2 was just one massive ball of fun.


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5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Being a blogger and avid film follower, it was hard not to miss how upset comic geeks and film nerds were at how badly Scott Pilgrim underperformed at the box office. If you tack on the fact they talked about the film at least once a week for a year straight, I felt as if I had to give it a chance even though I wasn’t necessarily excited for it, having Michael Cera doesn’t always help the situation. Well, this film was one massive surprise to me, I had a blast in the theater. What made this movie worthy of the number five spot was that it was fast paced, had tons of gaming reference, a lot of humor, crazy music, and that it was directed by Edgar Wright, the man who brought us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Michael Cera is perfect in his role even if it is only a slight deviation from his typical film characters. If you are open minded and joyful this film can be enjoyed by all but if you are a true geek you’ll absolutely love it.


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4. Red


Any movie that stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and, the always marvelous, Helen Mirren is bound to be good. But when you take all those stars and combine them into a retired CIA super team, the result is nothing short of complete and utter mayhem, in a good way of course. The movie is chock full of laughs, fights and bullets galore that is bound to leave even the sternest individual stupidly grinning by the end, especially when they realize that not only is the story actually good, but that it’s based on a graphic novel.


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3. The Expendables


This one barely beat out Red for the sheer fact that it was just purely testosterone based…and maybe the trailer that called out Eat, Prey, Love helped a bit as well. I think this is first action movie in a long time where there was not one bit of love that occurred between the damsel and the hero(es) which is nice to see everyone in a while. That relationship can ruin the flow of many action movies for me so this one made me happy to say the least. With the best action cast ever assembled for a movie, this 80s tribute film succeeded in entertaining the shit out of all the men in the world. And let’s face it, how cool was it when Stallone got rocked by Stone Cold? The man knows how to make an action flick and that’s why it excited me to see a follow-up film with some more big stars.


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2. The A-Team


Liam Neeson is the man. After watching Taken you knew this guy could be an action star if he wanted to, but it was his presence in The A-Team which really made it flourish. An exciting and very comical action adventure, the A-Team managed to steal my heart, something which I did not expect it to do. Sharlto Copley’s follow-up role to District 9 was my favorite part about the film. His off-the-wall character made his interactions with everyone hysterical yet also slightly confusing. I can’t say I’ve ever seen the show but I hope that this film did it justice in every sense of the word. With tanks taking on planes from the air, to the crazy relationship between Captain Murdock and B.A. Baracus, The A-Team was an all around Alex pleaser, if not a crowd pleaser.


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1. Kick-Ass


The most entertaining film of 2010 has to be Kick-Ass. Nothing was wilder, more exciting, and better told than the adaptation of Mark Miller’s comic book, Kick-Ass. Be honest now, have you ever seen a nine year old girl call adults pussies and then proceed to kill all of them, blood spilling everywhere, and to the tune of Bad Reputation? I should think not, but is it awesome? Hell yeah! When you have ordinary people becoming vigilantes and one looks like a green scuba diver and another as a Batman looking fellow it’s almost hard not to sit back and smile. Let’s not forget that Nicolas Cage is in this and actually does a good job, the first in a while. The title of the movie really describes everything you need to know about the movie. It’s shockingly funny, extremely well acted, and knows what kind of movie it is trying to be, let’s just say this film just Kicked major Ass!


Honorable Mention: Jackass 3-D, Gallants, Four Lions


Those are, in my own humble opinion, the Top 10 Most Entertaining Movies of 2010. Again, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Kick ass was the best movie hands down

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      I’m so glad you agree–people need to get on board with us